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About signage

NSW liquor and gaming laws require the display of certain signs in licensed venues. Find out more information about the relevant section you are interested in:

Information about liquor signs

From 1 July 2008, liquor licensees are not required to display harm minimisation signs (such as No More. Its the Law) as part of their licence conditions. However there are mandatory liquor signs relating to under 18 year olds (minors) which must be displayed in all licensed venues in NSW.

Venues which held liquor licenses under old liquor laws at 30 June 2008, have been given 12 months to remove old liquor law signs and display the current mandatory liquor signs (below) which were introduced on 1 July 2008 . From 1 July 2009, venues in this category which do not display the correct mandatory liquor signs, risk enforcement action under NSW liquor laws.

Venues granted liquor licenses after 1 July 2009, must display relevant mandatory signs from date of opening of licensed premises.

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Use our online tool - What sign do I need?

view sample of liquor signage View samples of liquor signage

Please read our fact sheets What liquor signs do I need? for more information.

Information about gaming signs

Requirements for the display of new gaming signage, player information brochures and contact cards commence on 1 June 2009 as a result of new rules introduced by Government.

Venues have 6 months (1 December 2009) to ensure the new contact cards are on display and 12 months (1 June 2010) to ensure the new signage and updated player information brochures are on display.

During the transition period, venues must have in place either the former gaming signage or the new materials.

Want to know more?

Use our online tool - What sign do I need?

View samples of gaming signage View samples of gaming signage

Read our new Gaming Machine Harm Minimisation fact sheet on our information hub page for an overview of the new materials.

How do I purchase signs?

You can buy signs and other products from OLGR by visiting the NSW Government’s secure online purchasing website - Shop NSW Links to external site. You can also download a PDF mail order form (86 kb) from our website which you can fax /mail to us or visit our Customer Service Team at:
Street address:
level 6, 323 Castlereagh St

Please see the contact us page for phone details and open hours.

All writtten correspondence to:
GPO Box 7060
Sydney NSW 2001

Please note: we cannot take orders for signs and products over the telephone.

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