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Category 3 ClubGRANTS expenditure

The Category 3 ClubGRANTS Fund has been established by the NSW Government as a State-wide funding pool for large scale projects associated with sport and recreation, health and community infrastructure.

The ClubGRANTS Guidelines provide direction as to the type of organisations and projects eligible for funding under the ClubGRANTS Category 3 scheme. In 2012 five projects were funded by the Category 3 scheme since its inception on 1 September 2011.

In July 2014 the Minister for Hospitality, Gaming and Racing announced $12.4million of NSW Government funding for 10 community projects under the ClubGRANTS Category 3 scheme.

Expressions of Interest in applying for Category 3 ClubGRANTS funding for 2014/15 will be open from 1 September 2014.