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Club audit program

Management and accountability will come under the microscope as our club task force conducts rigorous onsite audits in registered clubs across the state.

The audits, which are being conducted by specialist compliance officers from our enforcement branch, will focus strongly on the following key issues:

How the program works

Clubs selected for an audit are issued with a formal notice, which includes a pro-forma schedule 1. This schedule is a preliminary audit tool, which has also been designed to guide clubs through the audit process, highlighting key areas that compliance officers will focus on. By completing the schedule, your club will be better prepared when compliance officers visit your premises.

Common problems

While most clubs audited to date have displayed a high level of compliance, several common problems have emerged. In conducting the audits, compliance officers noted the following compliance issues:

Self audits for clubs not selected for onsite audits

We encourage clubs not selected for an onsite audit to review their management and operational practices to ensure they comply with the legislation by completing the club self audit checklist. If your self-audit reveals a breach of legislation, you should take immediate remedial action.