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Registered clubs Act


Details required for declarations made by the governing body and top executives for gifts and remuneration from affiliated bodies.

Pursuant to Section 41E (2) of the Registered Clubs Act, the Director of Liquor and Gaming requires that a member of a governing body or a top executive who receives a gift of more than $500 in value or is remunerated by an affiliated body, must record the details listed hereunder:

  1. Date the person made the declaration to the club.
  2. Name of person making the declaration.
  3. Whether the person is a member of the governing body.
  4. Whether the person is a top executive.
  5. Description of gift or nature and basis of remuneration.
  6. Date the person received the gift or period remunerated.
  7. Name of entity providing the gift or remuneration.
  8. Value of gift or dollar amount of remuneration.
  9. Signature of the person making the declaration if a hard copy kept.


Amended Rules of a registered club shall be forwarded to the Director of Liquor and Gaming in electronic form.

Pursuant to Section 49 of the Registered Clubs Act, the Director of Liquor and Gaming requires that a registered club that has amended the rules of the club shall forward the rules to the Director in the following form:

Email to Email compliance.applications@olgr.nsw.gov.au as PDF or similar an attachment.