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Info for RSA and RCG Students

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From 22 August 2011, students who graduate from an approved Responsible Service of Alcohol or Responsible Conduct of Gambling course in NSW, will need to apply for a photo competency card from a participating Australia Post outlet to carry as evidence of their qualification.

How much do students pay for the photo competency card?

Students will pay for the RSA/RCG competency card as part of their course payment to the training organisation when they enrol. It is not paid separately to the registered training organisation.

How much does the photo competency card cost?

Do I need to wait for my photo card before I can work in jobs that require RSA or RCG competencies?

This depends on where you want to work. After the trainer has assessed you as competent following your RSA or RCG course, you will be given an interim certificate by the training organisation.

Working in Kings Cross: You cannot use your interim certificate in the Kings Cross Precinct. You must have a valid photo competency card to work in the Precinct. This applies to all roles which require RSA, including Licensees, bar staff, RSA marshals and security staff.

Please note from 6 December 2013, new requirements apply to staff in Kings Cross regarding ID scanning and privacy training. Please see the Kings Cross precinct special licence conditions and Privacy training pages for more details

Working elsewhere: You can use your interim certificate straight away to work in jobs that require an RSA or RCG competency elsewhere in NSW – but only until the expiry date on your interim certificate. Make sure you check the expiry date. You can't work after that date without your photo competency card.

How do I apply for the photo competency card?

Once you have successfully completed your RSA or RCG course and received your interim certificate you can apply in person at a participating Australia Post outlet in NSW for your photo competency card. The back of your interim certificate contains the application form and a list of documents you need to take to Australia Post to prove your identity.

There are 3 simple steps to getting your card.

Before you start:
When you receive your interim certificate, check the details carefully to make sure that it matches the details on your ID – if they don't match, Australia post will not be able to process your application.

If any of the details on your interim certificate are incorrect, please complete the Interim Certificate Amendment form, submit it to OLGR, and wait for a new interim certificate to be issued by your training provider. Please do not take your incorrect certificate to Australia Post.

1. Book a time at Australia Post

Use the Australia Post locator on this webpage or call 137 678 to find your nearest participating Australia Post outlet and to book an appointment. NOT all Australia Post outlets in NSW can process photo competency card applications. So check first!

2. Get your identity documents ready

In order for Australia Post to process your card application you will need to have your interim certificate and the correct documents to prove your identity.

These must be original documents (unless otherwise stated) to the value of at least 100 points that prove your identity. Details of acceptable documents are listed on your interim certificate. Please read this information carefully to make sure you have the right documents to take to Australia Post.

3. Go to your Australia Post interview

Your photo will be taken at Australia Post as part of the application process. Your card will be ordered and sent to you within 3 weeks.

What ID documents do I need to obtain my competency card?

Once you have graduated from your RSA or RCG course, you must:

to an Australia Post outlet to apply for your competency card. Note only graduates of approved RSA and RCG courses in NSW from 22 August 2011 can apply for an RSA or RSA photo competency card.

Not all Australia Post outlets process RSA/RCG competency card applications. Check which participating outlet is nearest to you using the Australia Post outlet finder on our photo competency card web page.

You can book an appointment time with Australia Post either by booking online via the Australia Post outlet finder or calling 137 678. You need to attend the interview in person and have you photo and signature taken.

Primary identification documents: 70 points each
A maximum number of 2 primary documents can be presented

Secondary identification documents: 40 points each
A maximum number of 2 secondary documents can be presented

Additional secondary documents: 25 points each
A maximum number of 3 additional secondary documents can be presented - each must be issued by a different organisation.

Change of name
If you have changed your name from that on the identity document, you will also need to provide one of the following Change of Name documents:

Your responsibilities   

Look after your card!

Your photo competency card is essential for any job that requires RSA or RCG qualifications in NSW. Make sure you look after it – just as you would your driver's licence or other important documents.


Will other Australia Post outlets be available where RSA and RCG course graduates can apply for their photo competency card?

Yes. The network has grown from 47 outlets when the scheme began, to more than 150 outlets currently available. New outlets are being added to the network as demand increases.

How do I keep up to date with future transition arrangements and info about the photo competency card?

Join the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing e-news bimonthly subscription  service. It's free. Sign up here.

What if my photo competency card is lost or stolen?

You need to report the matter to Police and also download and complete the replacement card form (PDF 276 kb) and provide this to OLGR as soon as possible. 

How much is a replacement card?

A replacement card will cost $30.

What if my address details change?

Download and complete the change of details form (PDF 250 kb) and provide this to OLGR, so that your details can be updated.

What if I change my name after I get my photo competency card?

Download and complete the replacement card form(PDF 276 kb).

You will need to also provide proof of your name change (e.g. Change of Name certificate, Marriage certificate).

What happens if I lose my interim certificate?

Contact the training organisation where you did your course to get another copy. If you cannot, contact OLGR.

My details are wrong on the interim certificate. What do I do?

If any of your details on either the front or back of your interim certificate are wrong, including your name, date of birth or address, you must complete the Interim certificate amendment form (PDF 292 kb). A new interim certificate with your correct details can be issued to you by the training organisation you did the course with. You can then apply for your photo competency card at Australia Post using the new interim certificate.

Do not use this form if you have already applied for your Photo Competency Card – instead use the Replacement Card form.

How long does the card last?

The competency card lasts for five years from the date of passing your first competency. You will need to renew the card before the expiry date on the card.

For instance, if you complete an RSA course in 2013, and then complete a RCG course in 2014, you will receive an updated Photo Competency Card to cover the RCG course, but it will still expire in 2018 (5 years from your RSA completion).


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