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People with paper RSA or RCG certificates

Expiry dates of old-style paper RSA/RCG certificates

If you work in the NSW hospitality industry and work in roles that require you to have an RSA or RCG qualification including as a licensee or approved manager, you must complete a new RSA/RCG course and obtain a photo competency card before the expiry of your paper certificate(s).

See the expiry dates on this page to find out when your paper certificate becomes invalid.

Existing paper RSA and RCG certificates continue to be valid as evidence of competency until they are phased out in stages until mid 2016 (see stages below) - except in the Kings Cross and Sydney CBD Entertainment precincts (for RSA certificates). Holders of expired paper certificates can be fined by NSW Police or inspectors from the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing.

RSA or RCG paper certificates issued before 2009 are invalid and may not be used to work in the industry.

Before their certificate expires, paper certificate holders need to:

  1. Complete an RSA/RCG course with an approved registered training organisation in NSW. See the list of approved RSA training organisations and approved RCG training organisations.
  2. The training provider will provide the course graduate with an Interim Certificate which is valid for 90 days from date of issue. This can be used as temporary evidence of competency (even if the old-style paper RSA/RCG certificate has expired) so that a person can continue to work in hospitality roles in NSW which require this competency for up to 90 days.
  3. As soon as the training provider has issued the Interim Certificate, the graduate should first carefully check that all of the details on the certificate match the details on their ID. If the details do not match, complete an Interim Certificate Amendment form. If the details match, graduates should take their Interim Certificate and sufficient documents which prove their identity (the types of acceptable ID documents are detailed on the back of the Interim Certificate) and go to their nearest participating Australia Post outlet to apply for their photo competency card. Not all Australia Post outlets in NSW take competency card applications – please check the Australia Post locator on this web page to find the one nearest to you.

Australia Post will take a photo of the applicant, process the application, and the card will be sent directly to the applicant within 3 weeks by the card manufacturer. For details applying for your competency card see our fact sheet.

Transition dates for expiry of RSA/RCG paper certificates in NSW

RSA and RCG paper certificates issued Expiry date
Up to and including 31 Dec 2008 Expired
1 Jan 2009 – 31 Dec 2009 30 Jun 2015
1 Jan 2010 – 21 Aug 2011 30 Jun 2016

Kings Cross precinct conditions

Old style paper certificates (those issued before 22 August 2011) for RSA are not valid for work in the Kings Cross precinct, even if they have not expired according to the table above. See the Kings Cross special conditions page for more details.

Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct conditions

From 1 October 2014, old style paper certificates (those issued before 22 August 2011) for RSA will not be valid for work in the Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct, even if they have not expired according to the table above. See the Sydney CBD precinct page for more details.

Can I get a Photo Competency Card with my existing old-style paper certificate?

No, only graduates from an approved RSA or RCG course in NSW (after 22 August 2011), and holding an Interim Certificate can apply for a photo competency card.

What if I lose my Interim Certificate, can I get a photo competency card?

If you lose your RSA or RCG Interim Certificate, you need to contact the approved training organisation with which you did your course. The training organisation will provide you a reissued Interim Certificate. The reissued Interim Certificate will specify the original date on which it was granted. You can then use the reissued Interim Certificate to get your photo competency card.

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