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Competency Card

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RSA and RCG Photo Competency Card


Following changes introduced on 22 August 2011, graduates of approved Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and/or Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) courses in NSW, must obtain a photo competency card from a participating Australia Post outlet, to work in roles that require this qualification. This includes jobs involving serving or selling alcohol, as a liquor licensee, or working in a security role at licensed venues or licensed events in NSW.

RSA and RCG paper certificates are no longer issued in NSW, except as an interim certificate issued by an approved training provider. The interim certificate allows a course graduate to immediately work for up to 90 days in roles that require this competency and provides sufficient time for a graduate to visit a participating Australia Post outlet, apply for their card and have it processed and mailed to them.

Kings cross special conditions
Interim certificates are not valid in the Kings Cross Precinct. RSA competency holders (including licensees, bar staff, RSA marshals and security staff) wishing to work in the Kings Cross Precinct must obtain their photo competency card before commencing work in the area.

See the Kings Cross special conditions page for more details.

Applying for a photo competency card

Only graduates of RSA and/or RCG courses delivered by approved training organisations in NSW can apply for a photo competency card. The course fee includes the cost of obtaining the card. Course fees are charged and set by the individual training organisation. See our contact list of approved RSA training providers and RCG training providers in NSW.

For more details about how to obtain a competency card from a participating Australia Post outlet after successfully completing an RSA/RCG course and obtaining an interim certificate from the course provider, read the back of the certificate and visit our student page. This page also includes details about what identification is required when applying for a competency card at a participating Australia Post outlet and the legal obligations of card holders.

Paper certificates

RSA/RCG paper certificates issued prior to 2007 are no longer valid.

Paper certificate holders are required to undertake updated RSA/RCG training with an approved provider to obtain a photo competency card as part of the staged transition process.

Expiry dates for the remaining valid RSA and RCG paper certificates are listed below.

Paper certificates issued between Expiry date
1 Jan 2007 – 31 Dec 2008 30 Jun 2014
1 Jan 2009 – 31 Dec 2009 30 Jun 2015
1 Jan 2010 – 21 Aug 2011 30 Jun 2016

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Why were the changes introduced?

These changes were made to improve the capacity for venue operators and regulators to verify RSA/RCG trained staff and reduce the risk of fraud. The system improves the administration and record-keeping arrangements for training providers through an online environment linked to a central licensing database.

The photo competency card is more portable and durable than paper-based certificates. It is easier for holders to look after this important evidence of their qualifications.