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Appointing managers under corporate licence

While most liquor licences are held by individuals, the liquor laws also enable a licence to be held by a corporation. Maximum court penalties of $5,500 apply where premises are operated unlawfully without an approved manager. There are two requirements for the appointment of managers to venues that hold corporate licences:-

1) Potential manager must apply for approval

A person must apply for approval from the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority to be a manager of licensed premises which holds a corporate licence - at which time their probity is assessed.  As part of this application, the proposed manager must provide a copy of the National Police Certificate (see below for more info), details of their responsible service of alcohol (RSA) qualification and industry experience (see more info below) in order for the application to be assessed.

The cost of the application is $50.

Approved manager applications can now be made online

Applicants seeking approval to be an approved manager can now apply online via the NSW Government Licence website and complete the application online. This is quicker and easier than downloading and completing a PDF form from the OLGR website.

More info - getting organised before you apply to be an approved manager

How to obtain a National Police Certificate (this must be done first before applying to be an approved manager)

To obtain a National Police Certificate, apply online via the www.police.nsw.gov.au website and click on the Criminal Records section on the homepage. Once you have completed the application online, you should print it out along with the confirmation details page and take these to your nearest police station with 3 acceptable forms of identification and pay the application fee ($52).

You can also visit your local police station and complete a National Criminal History Record Check application form (P799), present 3 of the acceptable identity documents and pay the fee.

How to assess your industry experience for your approved manager application


2) Notification of managerial appointment

Once approval has been obtained, only then can a person seek appointment as a manager for a particular venue with a corporate licence.

Under liquor laws, when appointing an approved manager, a venue with a corporate licence must lodge an appointment of manager notice with the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority to keep them informed. By law this must be lodged within 28 days.

In the case of a registered club that has two or more premises, an approved manager must be appointed at each of those premises where the club’s secretary is not present. While an approved manager must be appointed by a club within two months, the law allows a person to act as an approved manager, pending an application being lodged with the Authority for the person to be an approved manager.

However, the approved manager requirement does not apply where a club has only two premises and

  1. the main premises are in a metropolitan area and  both premises are located within 10 kilometres of each other, or
  2. the main premises are outside a metropolitan area and both premises are located within 50 kilometres of each other.

A metropolitan area includes Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong.