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Information for current licensees

The aim of this page is to assist licensees with liquor licence changes.

In 2010, members of the community will be able to search a public register of licensees on the NSW Government Licensing Service site.

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Changing the name of licensed premises

For a licensee requesting approval to change the existing name of a liquor licence, fill in the 'Change licence name' application form.

For example, you need to apply if you want to change the name from the ‘Australian Hotel’ to the ‘ABC Hotel’.

A fee of $50 applies.

Transferring a liquor licence to another person or corporation

Fill in a ‘Liquor licence transfer’ form if you are a person or corporation applying to transfer a liquor licence. If the application is granted, the transferee will become the licensee.

For example, a transfer application is required if you are taking over an existing liquor licence.

Clubs need to fill out a 'Change of secretary - registered club' form. Clubs that are amalgamating will need to fill out the 'Liquor licence transfer - club' form.

Do not forget to complete all applicable questions. If information is missing, this can delay a decision on the application.


Information on the liquor signs that must be displayed is available in our 'What liquor signs do I need?' fact sheet. A PDF of the fact sheet is on the 'Fact sheets and guidelines' page – go to the 'Starting out?' heading.

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