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> Liquor applications noticeboard
> Licence types
> profile claculator Profile calculator


The Director's Policies and Standards (DPS) have been withdrawn from the website and are under review. Licensees that have a condition requiring compliance with a particular DPS must still comply with that condition.

> 48 high risk venue sign
> Alcohol beverages advertising code
> AMOR (Alcohol management operations register)
> Courses
> Crime Scene Preservation Guidelines (PDF)
> Incident register
> Liquor promotion guidelines and intox guidelines
> Noise (disturbance) complaints
> How to keep the peace
> How the peace was kept successfully - a case study
> Self audit checklist
> Smoking bans in licenced venues
> Statutory licence conditions
> Safer nights out - Safer practices and strategies to reduce alcohol-related violence
> Venue ID Scanning Requirements (PDF)


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Publications and reports

> Factsheets and guidelines
> Forms and applications
> Publications
> Reports
> Social profile reports > Statistics

Selling or supplying alcohol

> Christmas / New Year trading hours 2014 - 2015
> BYO restaurant information
> Cellar door
> Drink spiking
> Selling alcohol online, by phone, fax, or email
> Standard drinks and Australian Alcohol guidelines
> Tips to help you trade responsibly during the holiday period
> Undesirable liquor products
> Wine sales at trade fairs, wine shows and producers markets

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