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Information for Gambling Help services

Page last updated:
Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Training opportunities

Download a calendar of training events for Responsible Gambling Fund workers in the problem gambling treatment and support services sector.

Responsible Gambling Fund publications

Responsible Gambling Fund Orientation Guide

The RGF Orientation Guide comprehensively outlines the range of services provided by the Responsible Gambling Fund.

Download the RGF Orientation Guide.

Mentoring Program for funded Gambling Help Services

This NEW initiative is a great opportunity for new and less experienced practitioners in the Gambling Help sector to be mentored by more experienced practitioners.

Service Managers are encouraged to use this program as part of their induction process for new workers in the sector. For more information, read the Mentoring Guidelines.

For mentees, the first steps in the process will be to identify any areas of development and pick a suitable mentor from the Directory of Mentors.

If you are an experienced Gambling Help practitioner and would like to contribute to the Gambling Help sector by becoming a mentor, contact rgf@olgr.nsw.gov.au for an application form.

RGF funded Gambling Help Services Travel Policy

The Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF) has developed a Non-Employee Travel Policy to align with our existing NSW Trade & Investment Policy.

The NEW Travel Policy will assist funded Gambling Help service practitioners when applying to RGF for reimbursements on travel and related costs.

The Policy applies to all Gambling Help service practitioners who are required to attend an RGF event such as Manager’s training or an Accreditation workshop.

Feedback and questions can be directed to rgf@accounts.nsw.gov.au.

Ordering RGF products

To order online, go to www.bspg.com.au/login/rgf. Type in the username rgf_user and the password generic. These are case sensitive. Use the quick steps available here as a guide to ordering.

If you require assistance with ordering from the online portal, please call the RGF Communications team on (02) 9995 0763

Branding guidelines for Responsible Gambling Fund services

The Branding Guidelines outlines how RGF funded services should use the Gambling Help name and brand in promotions.

Gambling Counsellor Forum Guidelines

The Gambling Counsellor Forum Guidelines outlines the expectations of the RGF in terms of forum objectives, representation, roles and responsibilities, frequency, location, training, evaluation, and costs.

Gambling Counsellor Forum Guidelines (PDF)

Guidelines for Intake and Assessment

The Guidelines for Intake and Assessment provides the first step in the RGF's move towards greater standardisation of Gambling Help Services and outlines 'best practice' in the sector.

Download the Guidelines for Intake and Assessment.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week is held nationally each year. This is an opportunity for the RGF's Gambling Help services and counsellors across New South Wales to engage with their local communities and promote the responsible gambling message.

RGF Excellence Award and Long Service Awards

To make a nomination for the Excellence Award for 2014, download the form here. (MSWord .doc format)

The 2014 Innovation Award focuses on achievement in community engagement. Download the form here. (MSWord .doc format)

Counsellors and managers with seven and ten years in the industry are eligible for Long Service Awards. Download the Long Service Award application form for nominations for 2014 here. (MSWord .doc format)

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics was developed to assist all Gambling Help workers, practitioners and others in the Gambling Help sector, on ethical decision making, principles and practice.

All persons in our funded sector are encouraged to read the revised Code of Ethics (PDF) and the Ethical Decision Making Model (PDF).

For further information, or to raise an ethical issue, please contact us on 02 9995 0992 or email rgf@olgr.nsw.gov.au.

Client Charter

The Client Charter reflects the Code of Ethics and the responsibilities of practitioners and clients. The Client Charter should be clearly displayed and available for both clients and practitioners. Client Charters are also available in a range of community languages. Download the Client Charter (in English) (PDF).

For copies of the Charter in languages other than English or for further information please contact the RGF, 02 9995 0992 or email rgf@olgr.nsw.gov.au.

Client Follow-Up Guidelines

The Client Follow-Up Guidelines specifies which clients should be followed up, what follow-up measures should be used, when follow-up should take place, how follow-up should be conducted, and how follow-up data should be reported to the RGF.

Client Follow-Up Guidelines (PDF)

Clinical Supervision

Funding for Clinical Supervision is available to Gambling Help Services in regional NSW for treatment and support services.

Clinical Supervision Guidelines for Problem Gambling Counselling Sector

Directory of RGF Accredited Clinical Supervisors for Problem Gambling Counsellors (2014-2015)

Funding and Performance Agreement (FPA)

The Funding and Performance Agreement applies to all services /organisations (grantees) in receipt of RGF funding from 1 July 2013 and outlines the terms and conditions of funding.

For a copy of the current Funding and Performance Agreement, or if you require further information about your FPA, please contact Nicole Pratt, Business Manager - Program Funding, 02 9995 0993, or email rgf@accounts.nsw.gov.au.

Annual Performance Report guidelines

This has been prepared for RGF-funded problem gambling counselling services. The document outlines what data is being sought for each performance indicator; provides examples of completed tables; and specifies templates to be used in evaluating community engagement events and client services. Download the Annual Performance Report guidelines.

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