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Approved technical standards for NSW

Testing facilities use approved technical standards to evaluate gaming equipment prior to the equipment being considered for approval by the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority

Approved technical standards have been developed for:

Contact OLGR's Gaming Technology Branch regarding the evaluation of gaming equipment that is not currently covered by the approved Technical Standards.

The following are the current NSW approved technical standards:

Gaming Machine National Standard

NSW Appendix to the National Standard

NSW Gaming Machine Communications Protocol

NSW Jackpot Technical Standard

NSW TITO Technical Standard

Further Information

For further information about technical standards, contact:

Luke Freeman
Assistant Director Gaming Technology
Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority
Ph: (02) 9842 8134
Email: Email luke.freeman@ilga.nsw.gov.au


OLGR maintains a register of current game-design harm minimisation issues. Read about the NSW Gaming Prohibited Features Register.