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G-Line (NSW) – A 24 hour telephone helpline

Logo for G-Line (NSW) – A 24 hour telephone helpline

G-line (NSW) is a FREE [charges may apply to calls from mobile phones] telephone helpline offering crisis counselling for people affected by gambling problems, call

or, for those with a TTY device call

The helpline is available to anyone in NSW who wants to talk to a trained counsellor about their own, or someone else’s, gambling problem. All calls are treated with confidentiality. G-line (NSW) counsellors can also refer callers to face-to-face counselling services and provide printed material (including a self-help booklet).

Further information about the helpline is available from the G-line (NSW) Problem Gambling Help Line Information fact sheet.

G-line (NSW) tender process 2005

Public disclosure of information is available regarding the 2005 tender process for the G-line (NSW) service, as required by Premier's Department Memorandum M2000-11.

View the G-line (NSW) information, crisis counselling, and referral helpline and client follow-up service fact sheet.

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