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Discussion papers

Gaming Machines Regulation 2010

Regulatory Impact Statement

Communities NSW invited comment on the Gaming Machines Regulation 2010, and a Regulatory Impact Statement assessing the Regulation’s costs and benefits.  

pdf Regulatory Impact Statement: Gaming Machines Regulation 2010 (194 kb)

The Regulation can be viewed on the NSW Legislation website at www.legislation.nsw.gov.au

The public comment period is now closed.

Regulatory framework for public lotteries in New South Wales

Consultation paper

On 9 April 2009 the Government announced its intention to proceed with the sale of NSW Lotteries Corporation, and to provide the Minister for Gaming and Racing with the power to grant a licence to an approved operator to conduct public lotteries in New South Wales

One of the Government’s key objectives for the sale is to ensure that the regulatory framework applicable to public lotteries maintains the responsible and orderly operation of lottery games in NSW.

A review of the regulatory regime applicable to lotteries in NSW was conducted to ensure that this key objective is achieved. The review has recommended changes to the regulatory regime applicable to lotteries in NSW.

As part of this process, comments are being sought from industry, the community, and any other interested parties. A consultation paper has been prepared by the Department of the Arts, Sport and Recreation to give interested parties the opportunity to participate in the discussion. The Department invites public comment on the consultation paper.

pdf Consultation paper: Regulatory framework for public lotteries in NSW (179 kb)

For information purposes, copies of the current licences and rules issued to NSW Lotteries are also available:

  Rules Licence
Lotto pdf Lotto rules (127 kb) pdf Lotto licence (43 kb)
Lotto Strike pdf Lotto Strike rules (89 kb) pdf Lotto Strike licence (53 kb)
Powerball pdf Powerball rules (125 kb) pdf Powerball licence (37 kb)
Oz Lotto pdf Oz Lotto rules (113 kb) pdf Oz Lotto licence (40 kb)
Instant lotteries pdf Instant Lotteries rules (98 kb) pdf Instant Lotteries licence (34kb)
Draw lotteries pdf Draw Lotteries rules (71 kb) pdf Draw Lotteries licence (40 kb)
Pools pdf 6 from 38 Pools rules (109 kb) pdf 6 from 38 Pools licence (37 kb)

The Public Lotteries Act 1996 and Public Lotteries Regulations 2007 may be viewed at the NSW Government Legislation external site link website.


Consistent with the information provided on this website and in the consultation paper the following submissions are available for information.

Party Date
pdf Ai-Binh Phu (43 kb) 17/04/09
pdf Australia Retailers Association (175 kb) 07/05/09
pdf ClubsNSW (101 kb) 07/05/09
pdf G5 Enterprizes Pty Ltd (100 kb) 07/05/09
pdf GTech Corporation (376 kb) 07/05/09
pdf Intralot (697 kb) 07/05/09
pdf Lorraine Stevens (49 kb) 10/04/09
pdf Newsagents Association of NSW and ACT (126 kb) 01/05/09
pdf Sue Hanley (40 kb) 20/04/09
pdf Tabcorp (1 MB) 04/05/09
pdf Tatts Group (441 kb) 07/05/09

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