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Information for approved training providers

This page is intended to provide necessary information for existing RSA and RCG training providers, organisations wishing to become approved training providers (registered training organisations), as well as people wishing to become trainers in RSA and/or RCG.


Course material

RSA classroom course material

RSA classroom course material is available for download by approved training providers.

There is a new version of the RSA Student Course Notes, dated July 2015.

The classroom RSA student course notes have been updated to reflect changes made to the online RSA course, which is being progressively rolled out from 1 July 2015. These updates include changes to the liquor laws resulting from the Liquor Act review reforms, as well as new branding to reflect OLGR’s transition to the Department of Justice.

Registered Training Organisations delivering RSA classroom training have until 4 September 2015 to update their hard copy materials with the new course content.

Training providers will need to develop their own case studies, presentation material, and role-plays, along with student assessment material.

RCG course material

The RCG materials include:

This work is based on a project undertaken by the Institute of Family Practice, UnitingCare with financial assistance provided by the NSW Government from the Responsible Gambling Fund.

Becoming an approved RSA or RCG training provider

Training organisations interested in delivering the RSA and/or RCG course must submit the following forms:

Once approved, the training provider will be notified in writing, including details of the conditions of approval.

RSA by Correspondence

If you are wishing to apply to be approved to deliver RSA by Correspondence please email the competencycard@olgr.nsw.gov.au dropbox and mark your email, Attention Manager, Customer Service and Assessment and indicate your request for approval. You will then be contacted with an outline of what is required to make the submission.

Annual renewal

All registered training organisations (RTOs) must renew their registration by 30 June each year if they wish to continue providing RSA and/or RCG courses. If renewal is not completed in time, access to the online portal will be terminated - This will also affect the completion of any existing courses, and the printing of any interim certificates.

All RTOs will receive an email in the lead up to 30 June each year, which will provide details of the renewal process - this involves completing form CC0600 - Approval application to conduct classroom training, and paying for the relevant "subsequent approval".

Note: It will take several weeks to process renewals, so please ensure that your renewal is received by OLGR by no later than the first week of June.

Keeping your details up to date

Please ensure that your contact details and email address are always kept up to date with OLGR. Failure to advise us of a change in email address means that you may miss out on the renewal email, and any other important broadcasts.

To keep your details up to date, email competencycard@olgr.nsw.gov.au

RSA training online

The NSW Government has approved the reinstatement of online RSA training on a limited basis.

The reintroduction of online RSA training follows a review that identified improvements to be made to enhance the integrity and quality of this form of training.

Improvements are being implemented in two stages so that students can access an online course, while allowing further enhancements to be made to RSA training.

Stage One

In stage one, the NSW Government is limiting online training to a small number of online training providers that will be closely monitored.

Initial course delivery is being limited to TAFE NSW, industry associations, or a training provider nominated by an industry association.

Training organisations eligible to apply to conduct online training during stage one are able to submit a completed application form (available here) and pay an application fee. Once approved, the training provider will be notified in writing.

Applications will be subject to an assessment process. OLGR may also conduct a compliance audit of the course prior to approval to ensure that integrity standards are met. Approvals will take effect from 1 July 2015.

Stage Two

A new and enhanced nationally-accredited online RSA course, together with a standard assessment tool for student competencies for training providers, will be progressed later in 2015 as part of stage two.

Previously approved online providers, as well as NSW registered training providers approved to conduct classroom RSA training in NSW, will be eligible to apply to conduct online RSA training when the new course becomes available.

Trainer approvals

RSA trainer requirements

Prospective trainers of the RSA course should apply directly to a registered training organisation (RTO).

RTOs must be satisfied, and make a declaration that the prospective trainer has:

  • A minimum of three years supervisory or managerial experience in a hotel or registered club, or such other experience as the Secretary of NSW Department of Justice considers to be equivalent*; and
  • A completed Certificate IV in Training and Assessment awarded by a registered training organisation, or such other qualifications as the Secretary of NSW Department of Justice considers to be equivalent.

RCG trainer requirements

Prospective trainers of the RCG course should apply directly to a registered training organisation (RTO).

RTOs must be satisfied, and make a declaration that the prospective trainer has:

  • A minimum of three years supervisory or managerial experience (dealing with gaming machines) in a hotel or registered, or such other experience as the Secretary of NSW Department of Justice considers to be equivalent*; and
  • A completed Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, or such other qualification as the Secretary of NSW Department of Justice considers to be equivalent.

*Consideration of equivalent experience

Any requests for experience to be considered 'equivalent' to three years supervisory or managerial experience must be approved by the Secretary of NSW Department of Justice or an authorised delegate. You must make a submission in writing, attention to the Manager, Customer Service and Assessment, stating what the experience is, and why it should be deemed equivalent

Notification of employed trainers

Registered training organisations are required to provide notification to OLGR of their trainers using the trainer notification form (CC0200).

Contact our Help Desk for more information on 02 9995 0900.

The online registration portal system

As of 22 August 2011, all registered training organisations (RTOs) that are approved to deliver Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) or Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) courses in NSW are required to use a common online system for recording course and student details.

The online system is directly linked to the Government’s licensing database and records details of all students who successfully complete a course in RSA or RCG.

Students who successfully complete their RSA or RCG course in NSW have to apply for a photo competency card by producing a certificate and appropriate identification and having their photograph taken at a participating Service NSW Service Centre. The photo competency card replaces paper-based RSA and RCG certificates.

What do RTOs need to do?

All RTOs need to use the online system to enter details about courses, students and graduates. RTOs require a printer and a credit card to pay associated fees. RTOs are able to use the online system to retrieve details about the courses they have scheduled or conducted.

Complete the Online portal access application (form CC0100) to arrange access to the online system.

How does the online portal system work?

RTOs schedule courses on the online system by entering the time and place the course is to be held. Following the completion of a course, the RTO enters the details of successful students, pay the applicable fees by credit card and prints an interim certificate for each of the students to take to Service NSW.

Software and hardware requirements for the portal

The system is web based and all you need is the internet and a compatible web browser. Additional software is not required.

Compatible browsers include Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Netscape, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The online system will work on both PC and Mac platforms.

A printer is required so that the interim certificates can be printed for the students.

Do RTOs get support and training in the portal system?

Support is available by calling the the Competency Card team, Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm on 02 9995 0900.

Competency Cards

Who pays for the RSA and RCG cards?

RTOs are required to pay $70 for each student who completes an RSA course and $30 for an RCG course. This ensures the cost for students undertaking both courses is limited to $100.

The fee covers the cost of the card, processing by Service NSW, administration and licensing costs of OLGR. Fee structures are subject to periodic review. The fee needs to be paid by credit card by the RTO at the completion of the course to generate printing of the interim certificates for students. It is expected that the RTO pass this cost onto students as part of the overall course fee.

Note: Students undertaking both RSA and RCG courses should be advised to wait until they have completed both courses before applying to Service NSW for their card, which will then include both competencies.

Are RTOs required to print the ID cards?

No, the cards are created and issued by a third party. The RTO is simply required to print an interim certificate onto blank paper. The certificate is generated by the portal system once the course has been completed and payment has been made.

Course graduates need to show their certificates at Service NSW in order to apply for the photo competency card.

Is there a separate photo competency card for RSA and RCG?

There is just one card. The card lists both competencies if the student has completed both courses.

Students who complete both courses at the same time should wait until they have received interim certificates for both courses before they visit Service NSW. They only need to take their RSA certificate in to Service NSW, and they will receive a card with both competencies listed.

Are all employees required to obtain a competency card?

Yes, if their job requires RSA/RCG qualifications and they do not possess an old paper certificate which is still valid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do current holders of NSW RSA and RCG certificates have to apply for the new photo card and/or attend a new or refresher course?

Old style paper RSA and RCG certificates are still valid as evidence of competency until they are all phased out in stages up to 2016 - however people working in Kings Cross or the Sydney CBD have extra restrictions.

Under the staged transition arrangements, people with paper certificates issued more than 10 years ago are required to undertake training and obtain the card sooner than those who have obtained their certificates more recently.

Paper certificate holders have been given ample time to undertake a course and obtain the new photo competency card.

See the expiry table shown on the courses home page for details of the staged expiry of the paper certificates.

A student's details have been entered into the portal incorrectly and they are asking us to change them. What do we do?

Complete and send an interim certificate amendment form (CC0300) to the Competency Card team. We will process the amendment and then advise you once the processing is completed so that you can then issue an updated interim certificate to your student.

Please note that this will not provide any extension to the 90 day validity date on the certificate.

We would like to offer privacy training for people in Kings Cross. How do we do this?

At this stage, privacy training is only available as an online course, managed by OLGR, and available only to people who already have an RSA competency card. The privacy course is available at www.olgr.learnflex.com.au

Why was the RSA/RCG photo competency card introduced?

The card system was introduced to reduce the potential fraud risks associated with the old paper-based system and improve the integrity of the RSA and RCG competency scheme in NSW.

Why has the online portal system been introduced for all RTOs which deliver RSA or RCG courses?

The online system, which is integrated with the NSW Government’s Licensing System (GLS), ensures there is a central record of all courses conducted in RSA and RCG in NSW. It improves data collection in relation to individuals who complete those courses and creates efficiencies and better support compliance activities to reduce the risk of fraud.

Can graduates work in jobs which require an RSA or RCG qualification whilst they wait for the photo competency card?

RTOs issue a paper-based interim certificate to graduates of RSA/RCG courses.

The interim certificate must be produced at a participating Service NSW Service Centre in order to apply for a photo competency card.

It can also be used while working, as a temporary evidence of competency, until the date printed near the bottom of the certificate.

The certificate is valid for 90 days from date of issue which allows students sufficient time to apply for a photo competency card at a participating Service NSW Service Centre and for the card to be created and sent to them by the card supplier (this process takes three weeks, so should not be left until just before the interim certificate is no longer valid for work).

What if our RTO is contacted by a student who was issued with a old style paper certificate by our RTO (prior to 22 August 2011) but has lost it?

Replacement paper certificates can be issued by the RTO. The replacement certificate must include the words 'replacement certificate' and also include the date of the original training in addition to the date the replacement certificate was issued.

The old style paper certificate must be printed on the certificate paper provided by OLGR. To obtain blank old-style certificates, please contact OLGR on 02 9995 0900.

How do I keep up to date with future info about the photo competency card and training requirements?

Join the OLGR e-news service. It's free. Sign up here.

You can always manage your subscription yourself using the links at the bottom of the e-news emails.

Are there any fines or penalties that apply to RTOs?

Yes, please see the full table of fines available here.

Where can we get further information?

Please contact the competency card team at OLGR by calling 02 9995 0900 (Monday-Friday 9am - 4pm), or by emailing competencycard@olgr.nsw.gov.au