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Registered Training Organisations (RTO) - RSA

Page last updated:
Thursday, February 06, 2014

This page contains the following important information for existing RSA training providers:

RSA course material
RSA course material is available for download by approved training providers.

There is a new version of the RSA Student Course Notes, dated January 2014

Training providers will need to develop their own case studies, presentation material and role plays along with student assessment material.

How to become an approved RSA training provider?
Registered training organisations interested in delivering the RSA course must submit the following forms:

Once approved, the training provider will be notified in writing, including details of the conditions of approval.

Online RSA trial

The NSW Government announced on 21 January 2014 that the trial of Online RSA training, which commenced in 2012, would be suspended. Suspension of the trial is effective from 5 February 2014.

All Registered Training Organisations which have been granted approval to conduct online training courses have been contacted directly by the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing. They have been required to cease offering the online course, effective 5 February 2014. This involves discontinuing student access to the course, and not accepting any new students or enrolment fees for the course.

Students who had completed an online RSA training course prior to the suspension coming into force may be granted an Interim RSA certificate.

Students who had enrolled in the online course, but had not commenced or completed it prior to the suspension may be offered a refund, or a transfer into a classroom course, at the discretion of the training organisation.

The suspension does not affect courses conducted in a classroom.

Please note that there will be no refunds of any kind to training organisations as a result of the suspension. This means there will be no refund or pro-rata refund of fees paid for application to conduct the online course.

RSA Trainer approvals
Prospective trainers of the RSA course should apply directly to a registered training organisation.
RTOs must be satisfied that the prospective trainer has:

The RTO is required to provide notification of its trainers using the trainer notification form.
Contact our Help Desk for more information on 02 9995 0900.