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RCG - Responsible Conduct of Gambling

It is a requirement of the Gaming Machines Act 2001 for proposed hoteliers, secretary managers and staff who will have gaming machine related functions to have completed the NSW Responsible Conduct of Gambling course (RCG).

The Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) - SITHGAM201 competency is the foundation for mandatory training on responsible gambling for new hoteliers, secretary managers and gaming-related staff.

This course is conducted over a minimum of six hours. There are no exemptions from this course.

RCG training undertaken interstate is not recognised in NSW. Click here for more details

Which training providers offer the RCG course?

RCG training must be undertaken by an approved training provider.

Students can undertake training courses either:

Interim certificates and competency cards

Students are issued with an Interim Certificate following completion of the course.

The Interim Certificate is valid for work for 90 days while the student obtains their Photo Competency Card.

This photo card must be retained when working on any licensed premises.

Should you have a complaint or enquiry regarding an RCG course please email the OLGR Competency Card Team on this address: competencycard@olgr.nsw.gov.au

Old style paper certificates (issued prior to 22 August 2011)

Old style paper certificates are being phased out in stages until mid 2016. Please refer to the table here for expiry dates.

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