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Friday, July 18, 2014


The following pages contain important information on the mandatory courses required to be undertaken as part of the NSW liquor and gaming machine laws.

These courses are:

Why do I have to undergo training?

The NSW liquor and gaming machine laws require licensees and staff with liquor and/or gaming machine duties to complete approved training in the responsible service of alcohol and responsible conduct of gambling. The liquor laws also require licensees of high risk venues and their staff operating ID scanners in Kings Cross to undergo privacy training.

Who needs to be trained?

RSA training

All liquor licensees and staff who have liquor service responsibilities. This includes volunteers and club directors who serve liquor from time to time. This training program is also required to be undertaken by security staff who have crowd control duties at licensed premises, as well as RSA marshals working in the Kings Cross precinct, and any RSA marshals required for venues in the Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct under the Plan of Management for that precinct.

After successfully completing this course, students are issued with an Interim Certificate, with which they can obtain a Photo Competency Card.

Staff (and their licensee) who serve liquor without having completed an RSA course can face prosecution action under the liquor laws.

RSA Online training trial suspension

The NSW government announced on 21 January 2014 that the existing trial of Online RSA courses would be suspended.The suspension came into force on 5 February 2014. During the suspension, course operators must not provide access to the online course for any students, including those who had already enrolled but had not commenced or completed the course before the suspension. Read more

RCG training

Hotel licensees and club secretaries in those hotels and clubs operating gaming machines. Staff who have gaming machine responsibilities, like payouts, providing change and attending to machines, are also required to complete the course.

Privacy training

From 6 December 2013, licensees and staff operating ID scanners in high risk venues in Kings Cross must successfully complete the privacy course approved by the Director General, NSW Trade & Investment. This course focuses on relevant privacy provisions of the NSW liquor laws, as well as the Commonwealth's privacy laws. To undertake the course, visit http://olgr.learnflex.net

Staff with old style paper certificates (issued prior to 22 August 2011)

Workers in Kings Cross and Sydney CBD Entertainment precincts are subject to special conditions:

To work in a licensed venue in the Kings Cross precinct, you must have a valid Photo Competency Card or a valid Interim Certificate. An Old Style paper certificate (any certificate issued before 22 August 2011) for RSA is not valid for work in venues in this area.

From 1 October 2014, the same conditions apply to workers in licensed venues in the Sydney CBD Entertainment precinct.

Workers in all other areas:

Old style paper certificates are being phased out in stages until mid 2016. Please refer to the table here for expiry dates.

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