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Latest news

Regulatory Impact Statement – Charitable Fundraising Regulation 2015

Feedback is sought on the proposed Charitable Fundraising Regulation 2015. Submissions can be made until Wednesday 24 June 2015.

Further information is available here.

Natural disasters and fundraising - helpful tips

Fundraising and natural disaster appeals
Individuals or organisations in New South Wales wishing to raise funds for the victims of natural disasters such as floods and bushfires, especially through one-off appeals, need to have written authorisation from a licensed charity.

Ensuring your natural disaster appeal is authorised
You can take a few simple steps to ensure your fundraising appeal is authorised and complies with the law.

Get written authorisation for your fundraising effort
When a natural disaster strikes in NSW it is common for a number of licensed charities to conduct fundraising appeals specifically for the victims of that disaster. These are generally well advertised in the media. You can contact these charities and obtain an authorisation to fundraise on their behalf if you wish to help.

Make sure each person collecting has an identification badge
Where the appeal is face to face, any person collecting donations must wear a numbered identification badge showing the name and contact number of the licensed charity, the name of the collector, and the issue and expiry dates so potential donors know the appeal is authorised. ID badges are issued by the charity concerned.

Use only secure collection devices for donations
All collection devices must be properly sealed, consecutively numbered and clearly labelled with the name of the licensed charity. Non secure devices such as open buckets are not permitted as they provide no security and funds can be lost or stolen.

Want to know if a charity is licensed in NSW?
There are more than 5,200 licensed charities in NSW. To check if a charity is licensed in NSW, visit the public register at www.licence.nsw.gov.au.

Need more Information?
Find out more on charitable fundraising and one-off appeals at OLGR > Charitable fundraising > > Frequently Asked Questions or contact the charities section on (02) 9995-0686.

Updated contact information

Now is the time to update the contact details of charitable organisations. Please advise the Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing (OLGR) of all changes to registered or postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. Up-to-date details enable us to keep in contact with your organisation and ensure important reminders are sent to the correct address. Please inform the OLGR if your organisation's fundraising licence is due to expire, and of all other important changes. The quickest way to advise the OLGR is via an email to charity.inquiries@olgr.nsw.gov.au.