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Charitable fundraising publications

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Starting a charity

> Starting a Charity

PDF Icon Starting a charity - suggested rules (58 kb)

A Fundraising application form for an authority to fundraise for charitable purposes is available. An application must be accompanied with all supporting material. There are no application fees.


Charitable fundraising fact sheets

PDF Icon Access to Information (331 kb)
PDF Icon Auditor independence and access to information (212 kb)
PDF Icon Branches (188 kb)
PDF Icon Charitable Purpose (186 kb)
PDF Icon Charitable fundraising factsheet (44 kb)
PDF Icon Fundraising Authority Conditions (126 kb)
PDF Icon Disaster Appeals (232 kb)
PDF Icon Incorporation and change of name (144 kb)
PDF Icon Investigating Charities (214 kb)
PDF Icon Registered Office (155 kb)
PDF Icon Religious bodies - exemptions (346 kb)
PDF Icon Remuneration (198 kb)
PDF Icon Traders (196 kb)


PDF Icon Clothing bin labels order form (58 kb)