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Branding for liquor accords

liquor accords logo

NSW liquor accords now have a vibrant new logo to help promote their vital contribution in supporting safe and responsible venues and a responsible drinking culture in local communities.

The logo allows every accord to use its own individual name within the branding device.

In March 2011, every accord across the state, received a free kit from OLGR which included electronic logo files for their individual accord and a plain English guide on how to use the logo correctly.

PDF NSW Liquor Accord Logo User Guide (PDF 566 kb).  

Accords are not required to take up the logo, but are encouraged to do so. Its widespread use assists in marketing the good work of accords and increases their strength and recognition within the broader community. It also allows many accords which have been using the logos of other organisations, to promote themselves more directly and easily.

One of the first to use the new logo, was the South Sydney Liquor Accord, Tracey Wright, the Accord’s President says, “ It’s great to have a recognisable identity. All of our members have different businesses but the new logo makes us one. It really helps us to promote what we do more widely.”

Further information
For further information please contact the Industry Support team on (02) 9995 0312 or email accords@olgr.nsw.gov.au