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Parramatta Precinct Liquor Accord – Summary

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The Parramatta Precinct Liquor Accord was developed by participants at meetings on 14 October and 22 November 2010, and approved by the Director-General, Communities NSW, on 25 February 2011. The following measures were based on extensive PLA participant, industry and stakeholder feedback:

1. Promote the Parramatta PLA Precinct A website dedicated to positively promoting the Parramatta PLA precinct will be developed, promoting the area as a safe late night entertainment precinct, and will include information about late night transport options.

2. RSA on the Frontline workshops Restaurant, bar and security staff are expected to attend RSA on the Frontline workshops to learn practical tips, strategies and useful security practices. NSW Police (Parramatta Local Area Command) will be invited to commit officers to assist with the workshops.

3. Precinct Safety Assessment (additional measure imposed by the Director-General) – The Precinct Safety Assessment will be a separate component of existing safety plans. The Assessment must articulate the responsibilities of the venue and actions being undertaken to contribute to the development of a safe and vibrant entertainment precinct.

Read the full version of the Parramatta Precinct Liquor Accord (pdf 408 kb)