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Latest news

Byron Bay Liquor Accord steps up

March 2013

The Byron Bay Liquor Accord adopted a suite of measures, in accordance with the Byron Bay Alcohol Action Plan, to reduce alcohol-related anti-social behavior, including the trial of a 1.30am lockout.

The measures have been developed in close consultation with the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing. We will be working closely with the Accord to ensure the successful implementation of these measures.

Time for a membership drive?

February 2013

OLGR brochureOne of the biggest challenges accords face is encouraging diverse membership and new licensed businesses to participate.

A brochure is available to help market your accord, with the content promoting the benefits of membership to all licence types.

Why not do a local brochure drop or direct mail campaign asking local businesses to 'join up' today? The brochure has a space on the back where you can insert your accord's contact details and can be used together with our invitation template.

Copies of the brochure are available free of charge by contacting the Industry Support team on 02 9995 0312 or at accords@olgr.nsw.gov.au. The brochure and the invitation template can also be downloaded from the Templates, fact sheets and guidelines page.

New strategic plan for local liquor accords

December 2012

The Industry Support team is changing the way it operates to best support local liquor accords by moving away from direct administrative support towards a more strategic collaborative approach providing tools and resources to assist accords to implement effective strategies that work for their local communities.

To formalise this change of direction a Liquor Accords Strategic Plan has been developed that sets the scope of functions, strategic objectives, performance indicators and business principles that will bring about this change. Read more

Refusal of entry and patron bans/barring guidelines

December 2012

Behave or be barred posterGuidelines are now available to help licensees identify the best approach to deal with troublesome patrons, including those who are disruptive, violent, intoxicated or fail to follow venue rules. The guidelines include step-by-step instructions for implementing these strategies, including instructions and resources for adopting a multi-venue barring strategy within a local liquor accord - or as it's more commonly known, "a barred from one, barred from all" policy. Read more

Kings Cross receives support for training and safety initiatives

December 2012

The Kings Cross Liquor Accord has received sponsorship funding of $50,000 from the City of Sydney.

This funding will support the training of accord members in safety strategies that aim to reduce violence in and around licensed premises in the Kings Cross precinct.

Doug Grand, the accord's CEO, advised that the funding approval was provided after the accord developed a detailed business plan based on feedback from precinct stakeholders that safety initiatives were a top priority. Accord members welcome the funding and see it as a positive result for Kings Cross, as well as a good indicator of the collaborative approach taken by the City of Sydney.

The training will aim to deliver common-sense strategies that improve communication between venue security and police in order to reduce the risk of anti-social behaviour, crime and levels of intoxication in the Kings Cross precinct.

Accord members are committed to making Kings Cross a safe place for patrons to visit and enjoy a night out at the many entertainment venues on offer.

Can a paid officer help your accord?

December 2012

Licensees have a vital role to play in their liquor accord, but might need some help.

As very busy people managing a business, it can be challenging to meet the administrative tasks required to run an effective accord. This is why these tasks are sometimes best completed by a paid employee. A number of accords now employ a paid officer to help them develop and manage projects, coordinate meeting content and invite key speakers, send minutes and other communication to members, promote the good work of the accord, and to recruit new members.

Some of these accords include Darling Harbour, Eastern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Harbourside North, Kings Cross, Lake Macquarie, Manly, Surry Hills, and Tamworth.

A fact sheet is available highlighting the benefits of having a paid officer and the role they can play. It also includes practical information about the recruitment and funding of the position.

Find out how the Surry Hills communicates with its members

October 2012

When you have 280 members from licensed premises that are all busy running their own businesses, keeping in touch with everyone between meetings can be a challenge.

To address this, the Surry Hills Liquor Accord decided to set up an e-newsletter which is published on an "as needed" basis. The newsletter enables the accord to keep its members informed about local issues and changes to relevant legislation.

David Cass, Coordinator of the accord said they found that the newsletter needed to be simple to produce.

"We found that unless it is absolutely necessary to cover the detail of a particular topic or topics, it is best for time-strapped licensees that we 'try' to keep each edition to one page."

Feedback from the licensees has been appreciative and the newsletter, which has been published since February 2010, recently reached its 21st edition.

Ballina drives safety campaign

October 2012

The community in Ballina, on the NSW far north coast, is benefiting from an active local liquor accord which is taking a leading role in promoting responsible consumption of alcohol.

A particular issue identified by Ballina Liquor Accord in the region (including Alstonville and Lennox Head) is lack of public transport at night, and the need to reinforce local messages to reduce drink driving incidents.

In 2011, the accord successfully applied for an $8,000 grant from the RTA (now Roads & Maritime Services) which enabled the accord to conduct a multi-channel anti drink-driving campaign aimed at patrons in the region.

Additional funding from the accord's membership fees was used to help extend the campaign's reach.

Read more

City North Liquor Accord achieving great success

June 2012

The combined efforts of the City North Liquor Accord, the Rocks Police, the City of Sydney and the Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing have led to a fall of alcohol related violence in the area of nearly 29%.

To capitalise on this trend the City North Liquor Accord provided a free comprehensive training workshop on late night security and management for all front line staff at licensed venues in the accord area.

The workshop, which was opened by the Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore, was held on 15 May 2012 at Sydney's Ivy Ballroom.

More than 300 guests and representatives from NSW Police, OLGR and the City of Sydney attended. Speakers, including the Rocks Local Area Commander Garry O'Dell, Suzie Mathews of the City of Council, Senior Sergeant Whiteway from ALEC, Senior Constable Joel Ackford of Task Force Raptor and Sergeant Russell and Senior Constable Maruri of the Rocks Police Licensing discussed:

Hawkesbury Liquor Accord asks Are You Responsible?

June 2012

Are you responsible?

Are You Responsible is the banner under which the Hawkesbury Liquor Accord communicates its themed messages to patrons. The Hawkesbury Liquor Accord recently created this art work (pictured) which graphically alerts patrons to the dangers of supplying liquor to kids.

By regularly updating its art work and collateral, the Hawkesbury Liquor Accord aims to increase patron awareness of important issues identified at accord meetings.

All Hawkesbury Liquor Accord members including licensed venues, the local council, Police and local health services, work to update messages and artwork to draw attention to liquor-related issues.

The wearing of 'colours' is not permitted in this venue

4 April 2012

Artwork is now available to assist licensees to inform persons wearing any form of clothing, jewellery or other accessory associated with a Gang, that they will be refused entry or removed from a licensed venue. This initiative aims to support venues and liquor accords that have adopted a 'no colours' policy. Read more.

Further information

For further information please contact the Industry Support team on 02 9995 0312 or email accords@olgr.nsw.gov.au.