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Liquor accords

In NSW there are two types of liquor accords:

  1. Local liquor accords, and
  2. Precinct liquor accords.

Local liquor accords

Local liquor accords are voluntary industry-based partnerships working in local communities to introduce practical solutions to liquor-related problems. They reach agreements on ways to improve the operation of licensed venues so that venues and precincts are safe and enjoyable.  Most local liquor accords include members from the local business community, local councils, police, government departments and other community organisations.

Find out more about local liquor accords.

Precinct liquor accords

Precinct liquor accords have been established in designated late-night entertainment precincts, namely Sydney Central (George Street South, Oxford Street and The Rocks), Manly, Newcastle/Hamilton, Wollongong and Parramatta.  These accords bring together a diverse range of stakeholders with the aim of reducing alcohol related violence and fostering safer, more vibrant entertainment precincts. Membership of, and active participation in, these accords is mandatory for late-night licensed venues within the PLA boundary.

The NSW Government is committed to having an effective and sustainable network of liquor accords across the state. To this end, our office works with licensees and local communities to enhance and extend participation in accords.

The Kings Cross Precinct Liquor Accord has been terminated and is replaced by special legislative provisions that apply to the Kings Cross precinct. More information is available at the Kings Cross precinct - special licence conditions page.

Further information

For further information please contact the Industry Support team on (02) 9995 0312 or email accords@olgr.nsw.gov.au.